A salary sheet that works

How the HR software pretend to give you the HR solutions and when the time comes can’t trust the silly thing to calculate the employment taxes or show the calculation trail. Useless things they are and many of us have been there. 

HR software again are not for the accountants. I mean, why do you install a redundant software to do something that requires flexibility like salary sheet preparation and that too every month. I could go on a unbridled rage against HR software and I have many reasons to do so. Why does something as dynamic and trustworthy like excel needs to be be replaced with a good-for-nothing HR software? Seems the commonplace logic is rare and sadly its always the accountants who have to put up with it. So if we have the option to use excel for salary and payroll management let’s not be faithful to the HR software. Saves you the a lot of time and headaches. 

But why in Excel?

Using excel is something like a career on its own. Excel comes with benefits and there is no overstating in how flexible, accommodating excel is and how it allows the use cross-platforms. When good excel users are made to use useless software its like sending them to the prison. So getting back to excel on any chance possible is always on the schedule. 

So smoke your HR software and use this excel sheet for payroll

The excel could very well have been an Archimedes tool. It downright raw. You have to know the steps to use this payroll sheet. And here are the steps: 

Step 1: Download and Save this File (Link Here)

Step 2: Rename the employee names and salary details in each sheet

Step 3: Change the employee details in the last sheet (Option, Gender, Emails, Account Number, PAN, CIT, SSF, Marital Details, Health Insurance, Medical Insurance, Housing Facility)

Step 4: Fill in the data for each month, so that the taxes at the total sheet gets computed based on the annual details

Step 5: The monthly taxes computed in the total sheet, should be value value pasted on the particular month once you have the payroll finalized for the month

Step 6: Repeat the process for another month in similar fashion

But you will have to know how to use the 3D formula

3D Formula: A 3D formula is a formula that refers to the same cell (or range of cells) on multiple worksheets. The 3D formula “=SUM(Sheet1:Sheet4! A2)” can be used to add up the numbers in cell “A2” on 4 different worksheets. Similar, 3D formula has been used in the last total sheet of the attached paysheet. 

3D Input: 3D Input is the method that allows the excel user to type into a same data across multiple sheets of the excel. For example you can have multiple sheets selected and type in the details in one sheet and press Ctrl + Enter and it will be typed across the sheets. Similarly, if you press Ctrl + Delete then it will be deleted across the sheets. 

And if you want to send the paysheet to each employee to their email

And if you want to be able to send the paysheet to each employee to their respective email that you have typed in on the last total sheet, you can be able to do that as well. It’s just that a custom VBA code has to be written to your organization’s need and linked to your Outlook account, for with I can assist if need be. Email me at contact@sushilparajuli.com for this or if you want any additional payroll tools to be built within this payroll workbook.