My resolutions before the “Singularity”

I have seen my parents and grandparents deeply involved in farming and agriculture, but were always insisting that being a knowledge worker in the future was the best path for me. I had been hearing that since the childhood. I pursued that path and became a “worker” in consulting and accounting. However, I have reached a point where I question the value of being a knowledge worker in a world where technology advances at a rapid pace, surpassing our skills and capabilities.

So, instead of delving into lengthy explanations about the singularity, I would rather focus on the things I want to experience, observe, and learn before we reach that inevitable point. It is my way of finding some relevance in a future that could be dystopian or utopian, shaped by the power of AI.

Physical Strength and Dexterity: Despite my obvious physical limitations, including weak bones, thin blood, mild paralysis, hormonal imbalance, uric acid issues, and few surgeries, I understand that physical strength and dexterity are still unique human abilities. I commit to regular physical exercise and physical activities, as they are among the few things that set us apart from robots.

Creativity and Artistry: While AI has made remarkable progress in generating music, art, and literature, there remains a distinct human touch in our creativity. Our emotions, imagination, and ability to express unique perspectives are challenging for AI to fully replicate. I am determined to learn to play a musical instrument, (starting with guitar – which I have already started), as a personal medium for enjoyment, growth, and creative aspirations.

Remain undecided about superfluous knowledge: In the pursuit of knowledge, I have always favored practical and utilitarian objectives, making efficient use of my time and resources. However, I have come to appreciate the intellectual stimulation and serendipitous discoveries that arise from superfluous knowledge. Lately, I have developed an interest in philosophy and politics, areas I previously saw no value in pursuing practically. I choose to remain undecided about superfluous knowledge, allowing it to make me more adaptable and appreciative of different realms of knowledge beyond my professional pursuits.

Get a degree in a study of some scarce resource: Even with significant technological advancements, certain resources will remain scarce in the future, such as desirable land, fresh water, and rare minerals. I want to pursue academic studies in one of these fields to gain an edge when these resources become even more critical and sought after.

Join civil service, military or judiciary: While contemplating the future of politics and governance, which could be vastly different with global governments, currencies, and parliaments, I believe that civil administration, military, and judiciary infrastructure will remain essential. Perhaps a career in central banks, public audits, or the judiciary will provide stability and purpose amidst the disruptions AI will bring.

Be a vessel for unsolved problems: AI may not hold all the answers to the famous unsolved problems of consciousness, existence, and the meaning of life. Thus, I believe that our energies should be focused on being vessels for these mysteries, embracing the journey of self-discovery and purpose. It is a path where we can accept the mystery and pursue the way of God, seeking answers to profound questions that AI may never solve.

A connoisseur for leisure and luxury: Amidst the progress and potential upheavals brought by AI, I also desire to indulge in leisure and luxury. I want to reclaim the joy of playing video games, a characteristic of the Gen Z era that I missed out on due to pursuing my stupid accounting degree. Playing video games always brought a sense of competence, mastery, autonomy, and creative exploration within me. And in a utopian future, it just might be the perfect way to experience the pleasures of a technologically advanced world. Instead of being a doomerist, I choose to immerse myself in the bliss of gaming.

Family Guy or Cyberpunk?: Above all, I hold the importance of family close to my heart. In the future I yearn for strong multigenerational connections. Whether through virtual reality, augmented reality, or advanced communication tools, I want to stay closely connected to my family, prioritizing shared experiences and support. However, I remain aware that a cyberpunk future may also be a reality, characterized by increased surveillance, loss of privacy, and social inequalities. If need be, I won’t shy away from fighting against oppressive systems in a cyberpunk world.

I want to eat what I grow: Lastly, I feel a deep longing to cultivate and consume the food I grow with my own hands. With precision farming techniques, vertical farming systems, and advancements in synthetic food production, the possibilities are endless. I want to immerse myself in the realm of hyper-personalized diets and become a skilled farmer, following in the footsteps of my fathers and grandfathers.

Advocate for robot taxes and anti-corporations: As a part of my profession, I am compelled to advocate for a future that challenges the dominance of corporations and ensures equitable access for all. Automation and AI bring both opportunities and risks, and without proper regulation, we may find ourselves in a cyberpunk-like world controlled by a powerful few. Implementing robot taxes (If you use robots you will pay some taxes for replacing humans – but I envision this should be transitory and not permanent) could address potential imbalances caused by automation and pave the way for a future that prioritizes the wellbeing and prosperity of all. It is my personal commitment to strive for a more equitable and just world in the face of the singularity. 

So in conclusion, in a world navigating the brink of the singularity, I find myself embracing an eclectic mix of pursuits, from physical fitness to artistic expression, from superfluous knowledge to scarce resource studies. As I advocate for a future free from the clutches of corporations and champion the implementation of robot taxes, I also imagine myself as a guitar-playing, video game connoisseur (who is also a farmer), all while pondering the mysteries of existence and enjoying the fun family connections. 

Oh the surprises that lie ahead in the future. I want to see them all.