Vat Crawler packaged as a Native Windows App

This video explains it all

Behold! In this video snippet, you’ll see this VAT Scrapper application, a true standalone wonder. By “standalone,” I mean it operates independently, free from any ties to the underlying system, all while gracefully gliding on my Windows machine. 

Explain to me, what does it do?

Basically – it asks the user to put in their credentials for the tool and asks to put in the PAN Number and PAN Password of the IRD User that they want to get the VAT filing details of and the script goes and scraps all the details from the IRD based on the credentials that you have given. 

This script automates the retrieval of VAT Return Data from IRD’s Website. Here’s a concise summary:

1. The script starts with a decorative ASCII art and checks for an active internet connection.

2. Users provide their credentials for authentication.

3. If authentication is successful, they enter their PAN and PAN Password.

4. The script logs in and retrieves VAT return data.

5. Additional requests fetch detailed information for each VAT return, which is merged.

6. The data is stored in an Excel file in the same folder.

7. A completion message is displayed, and the script finishes.

8. If authentication or login fails, the user is informed.

Keep in mind that the tool is tailored to a IRD’s website and may need adjustments if the site changes. Users should have the necessary permissions and licenses to use the tool.

How do I install it and try this demo?

Simple, just download the tool from this link and use the below credentials for authenticating the tool: 
Username: demo
Password: demo

Note: Please be aware that certain browsers or Windows Defender might initially classify this application as suspicious due to its compilation process. However, rest assured that this tool is safe and legitimate. To ensure seamless operation, you may need to whitelist it on your system. 

Want to see other tools?

I’m currently developing a range of tools that can streamline your IRD related tasks. These tools are designed to:

1. Effortlessly extract all the ETDS details.
2. Quickly retrieve information from all the Vouchers paid by the user.
3. Automate the entire process of generating vouchers and filing ETDS effortlessly.
4. Automate the process of filing VAT returns.
5. Provide a handy Bulk PAN Number Verifier, including an Excel Add-in for seamless verification.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to save time and improve your workflow, making your IRD filing related tasks more efficient and productive. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your operations and stay ahead of the game. 


Feel free to reach out to me at, and discuss on custom tools perfectly tailored to elevate your enterprise on filings and compliance and unlock the full potential of your business!