Commercial Law Dictionary: Guide

Using the Master Search and Local Search in the Dictionary

Master Search (at the top of the dictionary)

Using the Master Search: In the master search field, you can search in (i) Unicode Nepali Text: e.g. बाघ, or (ii) Transliterated Nepali Text: e.g. Bagh, or (iii) Translated English Text: e.g. Tiger, or (iv) Phonetic Nepali Text: e.g. Bágh

All of these inputs will be searched throughout the dictionary in all orders of words, meanings, transliterated Nepali texts, translated English texts and phonetic Nepali texts, and the result will be displayed. Because there may be multiple occurrences of the particular word there may be multiple results, that can even spread over multiple pages, which you can move through using the pagination tools at the bottom.

Local Search (at the bottom of the dictionary)

Using the Local Search: In the local search field, you can search in: Unicode Nepali Text: e.g. बाघ

Local Search is more precise but limited. You can use this when you are sure about the word you are searching. At the bottom of the page there are two search fields.

Note: If you apply the search criteria in all the fields of the search boxes, then they will also act as filters.

Typing in Nepali Texts in the search fields

If you are in mobile device, you can always use Google Keyboard App and add Nepali language and Nepali transliteration tool to be able to type in Nepali texts. If you are in windows device, you can download and install this Google Input Tool software to be able to type in the Nepali texts.