Open Source Answer to Enterprise Solutions

Going to list some enterprise solutions, mostly open source, that may be used to set up an enterprise solution in the company. Its cheap and it works. Most of these can be easily installed through Sofaculous Installer in your hosting control panel or by retrieving zips from the specific website. 

Domain and Hosting

If you are fine and dandy and not in hospital, oxygen is free. Nothing else is. Domain and Hosting will cost you some fortune. Cost for domain depends on how premium is your domain name and who is your domain registrar. The cost however is generally same in most cases. Hosting cost depends on what are the plans offered by your service provider. 

Email Solutions

Mozilla Thunderbird is probably the best email client if you want a open source solution if you don’t prefer Microsoft Outlook desktop solutions. One who is a user of gmail and can’t part with it may use their existing gmail to handle the incomings and outgoings emails of the custom email. 


This depends on what type of website you are trying setup. WordPress gives overall solution. OpenCart, Magento could be a easy shop and merchandise solution. When wordpress works with plugins it can do almost anything. And there is no shortage of wordpress plugins. Every time I switch to any other CMS for website development, its after just under 10 minutes, I come back to wordpress. Everytime !

File Management

I may not have seen the better file management systems out there but ProjectSend is a clients oriented file uploading utility that works. Concept is, clients are created and assigned a username and a password. Then you can upload as much files as you want under each account, with the ability to add a title and description to each one.

When the client logs in, he will see a web page that contains your company logo, and a sortable list of every file uploaded under his name, with description, time, date, etc. It also works as a history of “sent” files. They can check the differences between versions, the time that it took to do that, and so on. Its main benefits include saving hundreds of mb. on email accounts since every file remains on your server and can be accessed through link until you decide to delete it. 

Discussion and Forum

Open source social networking and forums are available for free. However, they do come with a glaring limitaiton. Audio chat, Video Chat are not mostly available in the open source social networking. A good solution could be installing a enterprise level G-Suite or Office365. One could also use the existing gmail accounts and set up their domain specific emails in the gmail to manage incoming and outgoing emails. That way one can use the custom domain specific emails and make use of all the perks offered by a typical gmail account, including but not limited to office collaboration, calls, meetings, cloud apps, phone apps and all. 

ERP Solution

ApacheOfBiz is the winner here. But this solution is an overkill to many enterprise. It has got so many functions and utilites that may not be necessary to many enterprises. If you are looking for purely an accounting solution Akaunting, InvoiceNinja, Firefly are nice solutions. Dolibarr is the one you would go if you want a more rhobust one with additonal features of scheduling inventory manangement and HR management. All of these options works perfectly in a shared hosting platform. 

Timesheet Management

Working digitally as become a new norm. Timesheet and timetracking is even more important to professional firms. Timesheet soultion should be minimalistic, handy and accessible from anywhere. Kimai is a free open source timetraking system that works with your shared hosting plan. Kimai offers features like project management, activity and time tracking, invoicing and it even has an andriod app to make it more handy and easily accessible. 

Client Management

Customer handiling, complaint management and addressing inquiries are important aspect of any business. I have recommended many clients to set up EasyAppointments for managing calendars and management of appointment time with customers. It works like a charm. There are other alternatives too. If the solution that you prefer is ticket system solution UvDesk and Handesk can be good alternative. Limesurvey is what clients may use typically to conduct survery, hand out forms and doing market research. 

I hope this blog was informative. You can post your comments/views below if I can help.