Ncell & NTC – Who paid how much of taxes in the last decade?

A lot of news (and noise) surrounding the recent acquisition of Axiata’s stake in Ncell through Reynolds holding by Spectrolite UK Limited at a price practically comparable to cost of a cup of air. And as expected a lot of generously despised individuals of Nepal are once again pulled into this – arguably a scheme to avoid the transfer of its telecommunication infrastructure to GoN. Why? Because no financial escapade in Nepal is complete without these usual suspects from among the leaders of Nepal (both business and politics) whom many Nepalese endearingly call देशका कपुतहरु !!

Watch Amresh Kumar Singh and Sunil Kumar Sharma’s unfiltered take on this matter in videos below: 
1. अर्बौ रकम झ्वाम पार्न एनसेल बेचिएको भन्दै प्रमाण सहित आए अमरेश कुमार, खोले एक-एक नालीबेली
2. एनसेल घोटालामा प्रधानमन्त्री र सरकारमा रहेका हाम्रा पार्टीका मान्छेको मिलेमतो, १ अर्व बढी मै दिन्छु 

When all things are said and done and I have more facts, possibly after the Court’s decision on the writs to ineffectuate this transaction – I will certainly do a detailed writeup on this continuing saga – purely academic purpose. Because all I can do is academic musing as a guy in a kitchen with a laptop and some wishful thinking for the unaffordable luxury of some dose of investigative journalism. 

The cases are: 
At Patan High Court (News): गोकुल बहादुर रोकाया विरुद्ध कम्पनी रजिस्टारको कार्यालय, नेपाल दुरसंचार प्राधिकरण, नेपाल धितोपत्र बोर्ड, नेपाल सरकार सुचना तथा संचार मन्त्रालय, Ncell Axiata Limited, अक्जियाटा समुह बहार्ड, स्पेर्कड यु.के. लिमिटेड, युनिभेरा क्यापिटल भेन्चर, आन्तरिक राजस्व बिभाग ठुला करदाता कार्यालय Case Number: 080-WO-0911 
At Supreme Court: अमरेश कुमार सिँह विरुद्ध एनसेल एक्जियाटा लिमिटेड, नेपाल दूर सञ्चार प्राधिकरण, कम्पनी रजिष्ट्रारको कार्यालय, सञ्चार तथा सूचना प्रविधि मन्त्रालय , प्रधानमन्त्री तथा मन्त्रीपरिषद्को कार्यालय, आन्तरिक राजस्व विभाग ठूला करदाता कार्यालय Case Number: 080-WO-0529

Pertaining to the taxes and dues relating to the earlier transaction of Telia and Ncell, there still are two cases sub-judice at the Supreme Court of Nepal:
1. एनसेल आजियाटा लि. को तर्फवाट रमेश घिमिरे समेत विरुद्ध अर्थ मन्त्रालय सिंहदरवार काठमाडौ समेत Case Number: 077-WO-0613
2. एनसेल आजियाटा लि. ललितपुर महानगरपालिका एकान्तकुनामा रजिष्टर्ड कार्यालयको तर्फवाट अधिकारप्राप्त कम्पनी सचिव निशिका शर्मा समेत विरुद्ध आन्तरिक राजस्व विभाग लाजिम्पाट काठमाण्डौ समेत Case Number: 077-WO-0707

But for now I have this to share – the details of the taxes paid by Ncell and NTC over the last decade. The limitation to this data? It assumes that all the taxes are paid by these entities through online vouchers generated in IRD’s system. Handwritten red tax slips are not included here because they are not published by Inland Revenue Department.