Law School for Dummies

  1. Litigation and Legal Practice
    01. Litigation And The American Legal System 02. Thinking Like A Lawyer 03. Representing Your Client 04. Trial Strategy Behind The Scenes 05. Opening Statements The Moment Of Primacy 06. Direct Examination Questioning Your Witnesses 07. The Art Of The Objection 08. Problematic Evidence 09. Controlling Cross-examination 10. Closing Arguments Driving Your Theory Home 11. Understanding The Appellate Process 12. Arguing Before The Supreme Court
  2. Criminal Law and Procedure
    01. Who Defines Crimes, And How 02. Crime And The Guilty Mind 03. Homicide And Moral Culpability 04. The Law Of Self-defense 05. Federal Crimes And Federal Power 06. Cruel And Unusual Punishments 07. Due Process And The Right To Counsel 08. Government Searches And Privacy Rights 09. The Shrinking Warrant Requirement 10. The Fifth Amendment Privilege 11. Miranda And Police Interrogations 12. Plea Bargains, Jury Trials, And Justice
  3. Civil Procedure
    01. Procedural Rights And Why They Matter 02. Subject Matter Jurisdiction 03. Jurisdiction Over The Defendant 04. A Modern Approach To Personal Jurisdiction 05. The Role Of Pleadings 06. Understanding Complex Litigation 07. The Use And Abuse Of Discovery 08. Deciding A Case Before The Trial Ends 09. The Right To A Civil Jury Trial 10. Determining What Law Applies 11. Relitigation And Preclusion 12. Appeals And How They Are Judged
  4. Torts
    01. The Calamitous World Of Tort Law 02. Legal Duty To Others 03. Reasonable Care And The Reasonable Person 04. Rules Versus Standards Of Care 05. The Complexities Of Factual Causation 06. Legal Causation And Foreseeability 07. Liability For The Acts Of Others 08. When Tort Plaintiffs Share The Blame 09. Animals, Blasting, And Strict Liability 10. The Rise Of Products Liability 11. Products Liability Today 12. Punitive Damages And Their Limits
  5. Corporate Law
    01. Questions and Conflicts in Corporate Law 02. Corporations and Their Agents 03. Things Corporations Can and Cannot Do 04. Boards of Directors and the Duty of Care 05. Business Opportunities and the Duty of Loyalty 06. Executive Pay and the Duty of Good Faith 07. Shareholder Lawsuits Goals and Limitations 08. Securities Regulation and Fraud 09. Insider Trading Laws and Their Complexities 10. Corporate Control Battles and the Law 11. Corporate Law of Mergers and Acquisitions 12. Hostile Takeovers, Defenses, and the Future
  6. Contracts
    01. Contract Formation in the Internet Age 02. Understanding Offer and Acceptance 03. The Mysterious Consideration Doctrine 04. Contract Offers You Can’t Revoke 05. Liability without a Binding Contract 06. Defenses to Contract Fraud and Duress 07. Mistake and Other Contract Defenses 08. Third Parties in Contract Law 09. When a Contract Needs to Be in Writing 10. Contract Interpretation and Implied Terms 11. Building Contracts and Breaching Them 12. Remedies for Breach of Contract
  7. Constitutional Law
    01. Origins and Functions of the Constitution 02. The Marshall Court and the Constitution 03. The Scope of the Executive Power 04. Congress and the New Deal Commerce Clause 05. Congress and the Commerce Clause Today 06. Individual Liberty Contracts and Privacy 07. Liberty Disputed Abortion and Gay Rights 08. Equal Protection and Civil Rights 09. The Affirmative Action Conundrum 10. Sex Discrimination and Women’s Rights 11. The Nature of the Judicial Power 12. The Politics of Constitutional Law
  8. Legislation and Regulation
    01. Making Sense of Legislation and Regulation 02. Regulation by Statute and by Common Law 03. Legislation and the Administrative State 04. Touchstones of Statutory Interpretation 05. The Letter versus the Spirit of the Law 06. When Is Statutory Meaning Plain 07. Semantic and Substantive Interpretive Rules 08. Semantic and Substantive Interpretive Rules 09. Federal Agencies as Regulatory Bodies 10. Political Control of Agency Decision Making 11. Judicial Review of Agency Rulings 12. Weighing Agency Interpretations of Statutes
  9. Important Law Books
    ०१. मुलुकी देवानी संहिता (ज्ञाइन्द्रबहादुर श्रेष्ठ) ०२. मुलुकी अपराध संहिता (ज्ञाइन्द्रबहादुर श्रेष्ठ) ०३. रिट निवेदन (ज्ञाइन्द्रबहादुर श्रेष्ठ) ०४. कानुनी लिखतको मस्यौदा, आचारनीति र सीप (ज्ञाइन्द्रबहादुर श्रेष्ठ) ०५. कम्पनी कानुन (भरतराज उप्रेती) ०६. करार कानुन (भरतराज उप्रेती) ०७. दामासाही कानुन (भरतराज उप्रेती) ०८. आयकर कानुन (शरदप्रसाद कोइराला)
  10. The Art of Debate
    01. The Hidden Value of Debate 02. When and How to Use Debate 03. The Proposition – Choosing What to Debate 04. The Structure of Argument 05. Using Evidence in Debate 06. Fallacies in Your Opponent’s Research 07. Fallacies in Your Opponent’s Arguments 08. Elements of a Good Case 09. Arguing for the Affirmative 10. Building Affirmative Cases 11. Arguing for the Negative 12. Building Negative Cases 13. The Crucible of Cross-Examination 14. Asking and Answering Leading Questions 15. Open-Ended Questions – Setting Traps 16. Essentials of a Persuasive Rebuttal 17. Dealing with the Unexpected in Debate 18. Even If Arguments – The Essential Weapon 19. Debate Jujitsu – Flipping the Warrant 20. The Power of Concessions 21. Conditional Argumentation 22. Line-by-Line Refutation 23. Judging Debates – The Art of the Decision 24. Winning the Cocktail Party
  11. Game Theory in Life, Business and Beyond
    00. Introduction to Professor 01. The World of Game Theory 02. The Nature of the Game 03. The Real Life Chessboard – Sequential Games 04. Life s Little Games – The 2×2 Classic Games 05. Guessing Right – Simultaneous Move Games 06. Practical Applications of Game Theory 07. A Random Walk – Dealing with Chance Events 08. Pure Competition – Constant-Sum Games 09. Mixed Strategies and Nonzero-Sum Games 10. Threats Promises and Commitments 11. Credibility Deterrence and Compellence 12. Incomplete and Imperfect Information 13. Whom Can You Trust – Signaling and Screening 14. Encouraging Productivity – Incentive Schemes 15. The Persistence of Memory – Repeated Games 16. Does This Stuff Really Work 17. The Tragedy of the Commons 18. Games in Motion – Evolutionary Game Theory 19. Game Theory and Economics – Oligopolies 20. Voting – Determining the Wil of the People 21. Auctions and the Winner’s Curse 22. Bargaining and Cooperative Games 23. Game Theory and Business – Co-opetition 24. All the World s a Game 25. End Credits

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