130 Hours of CS Bootcamp for Accountants

In the spirit of a “bootcamp,” designed for short and intensive training, I took a personal challenge to complete 130 hours of self-elected courses from freeCodeCamp.org in 18 days, maintaining an average of around 7-8 hours per day – and of course completely butchering my eyes, in a typical CS bootcamp ethos. But only those courses that are digestible and relevant (albeit from far) for someone in an accounting profession.

Below, you’ll find the links to these cream of the crop transformative courses. This is more of a list than a post.

Starting with Algebra and Statistics (23 Hours)
College Algebra – Full Course with Python Code
Linear Algebra – Full College Course
Statistics – A Full University Course on Data Science Basics

Computer Science, Programming Fundamentals and the Internet (31 Hours)
Harvard CS50 – Full Computer Science University Course
Algorithms Course – Graph Theory Tutorial from a Google Engineer
How does the internet work?

Must Have Skills: Prompting, Googling, Web Scraping and Dev Tools (6 Hours)
Prompt Engineering Tutorial – Master ChatGPT and LLM Responses
Selenium Course for Beginners – Web Scraping Bots, Browser Automation, Testing
Chrome DevTools – Crash Course
Google Like a Pro – All Advanced Search Operators Tutorial 

Optional (for an Accountant) but Interesting nonetheless (14 Hours)
AutoCAD for Beginners – Full University Course
Arduino Course for Beginners – Open-Source Electronics Platform 
Firebase – Full Course for Beginners

Python Scripts, Automation and BigO (11 Hours)
Python Automation Tutorial – How to Automate Tasks for Beginners
Big O: How Code Slows as Data Grows 
Algorithmic Trading Using Python – Full Course 

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning (44 Hours)
Harvard CS50’s Artificial Intelligence with Python – Full University Course
Deep Learning Crash Course for Beginners 
PyTorch for Deep Learning & Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing with spaCy & Python – Course for Beginners
Python for Bioinformatics – Drug Discovery Using Machine Learning and Data Analysis